Séminaire: Annie Ying

Qui? Annie Ying, Doctorante à McGill sous la supervision de Martin Robillard et développeur chez IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. Quand? Mercredi 25 mars 2015 à 12h15 (12h00 pour la pizza) Où? PK-4610 Titre Selection and Presentation Practices for Code Example Summarization Résumé Code examples are an important source for answering questions about software libraries and applications.  Many usage contexts for code examples require them to be distilled to their essence: e.g., when serving as cues to longer documents, or for reminding developers of a previously known idiom. We conducted a study to discover how code can be summarized and why.  As part of the study, we collected 156 pairs of code examples and their summaries from 16 participants, along with over 26 hours of think-aloud verbalizations detailing the decisions of the participants during their summarization activities. Based on a qualitative analysis of this data we elicited a list of practices followed by the participants to summarize code examples and propose empirically-supported hypotheses justifying the use of specific practices.  One main finding was that none of the participants exclusively extracted code verbatim for the summaries, motivating abstractive summarization.  The results provide a grounded basis for the development of code example summarization and presentation technology. This work has been published at the International Symposium of the Foundations of Software Engineering in November 2014 and recognized with a SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award.  This work is joint with my PhD supervisor Martin Robillard. Biographie I am currently finishing a PhD in Computer Science at McGill University,  while taking a leave of absence from IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. For my PhD thesis, I have been looking into generating summaries for code examples, such as those found on the web.  Prior to my PhD work, I had worked on topics including software development environments, mining software repositories and IT govenance.  This year I am chairing the Challenge Track of the International Working Conference on Mining Software Repositories. Slides: Annie Ying’s

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