Séminaire: Javier González Huerta

Qui? Javier González Huerta, Post-doctorant au LATECE sous la supervision de Hafedh Mili et Naouel Moha Quand? Mercredi 11 mars 2015 à 12h15 (12h pour la pizza) Où? PK-5115
Le séminaire sera en anglais.
Titre  « Product Architecture Derivation Method for Software Product Line Development » Résumé
Software Product Line development involves the explicit management of variability that must be encompassed by software artifacts, particularly by the software architecture. Architectural variability must not only be supported by the architecture but it must also be explicitly represented, and its resolution must consider both functional and non-functional requirements. We propose a multimodel approach to represent the relationships between the external variability (represented by a feature model, the non-functional requirements, and quality attributes) and the architectural variability (represented by a Common Variability Language – CVL model). These relationships, allow us to automatically derive product architectures through model transformations that take into account functional and non-functional requirements. We also formalize the relationships among features, non-functional requirements, and quality attributes and present the results of a quasi-experiment for analyzing the perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness and intention to use of participants applying the derivation phase of QuaDAI.
Javier González Huerta is a post-doctoral research at UQÀM, under the supervision of Hafedh Mili and Naouel Moha. He received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Universitat Politècnica de Valencia (UPV) in 2014 and the MsC in Software Engineering, Information Systems and Formal Methods in 2011 after working around 15 years in the industry as a software engineer and project manager. His research interests are focused on Software Architecture, Model-Driven Engineering, Software Product Lines, Cloud Computing, Software Quality, Software Measurement and Empirical Research in Software Engineering.
Diapositives: Javier Gonzalez LATECE

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