Séminaire Hironori Washizaki

Qui? Hironori Washizaki de l’Université de Waseda, Tokyo

Quand? Mercredi11 novembre 2015 à 12:15 Où? PK-1140 (séminaire spécial)

Titre: Software Maintenance Support by Extracting Links and Models


Extracting missing important links and models from software is the key to success of its maintenance such as specifying locations that need correction. This talk firstly introduces two novel techniques for recovering traceability links precisely between requirements and program source code: log-based interactive recovery (CAiSE’15) and transitive recovery (ICSME’15 ERA). Secondly the talk introduces two novel preventive maintenance techniques employing behavioral model extraction and model checking targeting Ajax applications: design pattern based invariants verification (ASE’13) and delay-based mutation (ASE’14).


Hironori Washizaki is head and associate professor at Global Software Engineering Laboratory, Waseda University, Japan. He is also visiting associate professor at National Institute of Informatics, and, visiting professor at Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal during his sabbatical stay till Dec 2015. He received PhD in Information and Computer Science from Waseda University in 2003. His research interests include software and systems requirements, architecture, reuse, maintenance, quality assurance, and education. He has served on the organizing committees of many international conferences (such as ASE, ICST, SPLC, CSEE&T, SEKE, BICT and APSEC) as well as editorial boards of several international journals (such as Int. J. Soft. Eng. Know. Eng. and IEICE Trans). He also has served at various professional societies such as IEEE Computer Society Japan Chapter Chair, SEMAT Japan Chapter Chair, IPSJ SamurAI Coding Director, and ISO/IEC/ JTC1/SC7/WG20 Convenor. http://www.washi.cs.waseda.ac.jp/?page_id=2


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