Séminaire Kyoko Yamori

Qui? Kyoko Yamori, professeure associée à l’université d’Asahi (Japon) <br> Quand? Mercredi 14 octobre 2015 à 12:15 Où? PK-1140 Titre: Contrôle des ressources de communication basé sur l’inspiration économique Résumé: In a typical network service, the users request network resources so that their utility is maximized.  On the other hand, the network operator assigns network resources to users without expecting the cooperation among users.  This is a scramble for limited network resources, and it yields “tragedy of commons”.  Thus, the efficient allocation of network resources is a difficult problem.  In this paper, we regard the resource allocation among users in the wireless network as a social dilemma, and propose a solving method based on the framework of mobility management. Bio: Kyoko Yamori received her B.A. degree in business administration and M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in informanion mangement  sicence from Asahi University in 1995,1997, 2000.She is persently an associatie professor at Department of Management, Asahi University, and a guest associete professor at Global Information and Tekecommunication Institute, Waseda University.  Her research interests include network modeling and system-design, particularly inspired by economic and social aspects. She receved the IEICE Switcheing System Reserce Award in 2001, the IEICE Young Reserch’s Award in 2005, and the IEICE Best Paper Award in 2005, the Young Scientist Award from Ericsson Japan in 2007, respectively. She is a member of IEEE and a senior member of IEICE, Japan. Présentation : à venir

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