Séminaire: Mubarak Mohammad

Titre: Architectures for context-aware dependable systems Résumé: In this talk we will explore the interrelations between concepts, components, context, services, and dependability. We will discuss issues related to the development of dependable systems and propose a family of software architectures. Courte bio : Mubarak Mohammad is a software architect by practice and profession and a dependable systems designer by research and training. He has been working in the software development industry for 12 years specializing in the development of enterprise resource planning and web solutions. Also, he has been working as an adjunct assistant professor in the department of computer science and software engineering since 2009. His research interests cover a wide spectrum of topics related to dependability/trustworthiness, software architecture, ubiquitous computing, service-oriented architecture, and cloud computing. Note : ce séminaire est conjoint avec le Séminaire avancé en informatique (INF980X) Téléchargement: Architectures for Context-aware Dependable System – Mubarak Mohammad

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