Seminar: Giuseppe Destefanis

Qui? Giuseppe Destefanis, Chercheur postdoctorant au CRIM. <br> Quand? Mercredi 11 février 2015 à 12h15 (12h pour la pizza) Où? PK-5115 Le séminaire sera en anglais. Titre  « Would you mind fixing this issue? An empirical analysis of politeness and attractiveness in software developed using agile boards. » Résumé A successful software project is the result of a complex process involving, above all, people. Developers are the key factors for the success of a software development process and the Agile philosophy is developer-centred. Developers are not merely executors of tasks, but actually the protagonists and core of the whole development process. In this talk the speaker will present some recent results obtained by investigating social aspects among developers working together and the appeal of a software project developed with the support of Agile tools such as Agile boards. 14 open source software projects developed using the Agile board of the JIRA repository have been studied, along with all the comments committed by the developers involved in the projects. The goal was to verify whether the politeness of the comments affected the number of developers involved over the years and the time required to fix any given issue. Results show that the level of politeness in the communication process among developers does have an effect on both the time required to fix issues and the attractiveness of the project to both active and potential developers. The more polite developers were, the less time it took to fix an issue, and, in the majority of the analysed cases, the more the developers wanted to be part of project, the more they were willing to continue working on the project over time. Biography Since joining CRIM in 2014, Giuseppe Destefanis’work focus has been on software quality, software metrics (especially micro patterns) and Agile methodologies. Giuseppe’s doctorate dissertation focus on the study of software quality considering the relationship between micro patterns and software faults. During his Ph.D. he was teaching assistant of Programming Languages 1 at The University of Cagliari and his publications list is available on Google Scholar. Giuseppe was visiting researcher at the following universities: The University of Auckland (New Zealand), HKUST (Hong Kong) and Brunel University (London). Prior to joining CRIM, Giuseppe has worked also for SAP (Italy), Tholos (Italy) and as a consultant for a deputy member of the Italian Parliament ICT commission. Slides: seminar_uqam11feb 

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