LATECE is a multi-disciplinary research laboratory that focusses on the technological and organizational aspects of Internet applications. The LATECE lab has three complementary missions: advancing the state of the art and the practice of Internet technologies through funded research, the training of highly qualified personnel in Internet technologies and tnowledge dissemination and transfer. Read more…


Some of LATECE Members Projects

Oto is a software that automates the submition, verification and correction of programation assignments. >> Project’s website
Nit is an object-oriented programming language. The goal of Nit is to propose a robust statically typed programming language where structure is not a pain. >> Project’s website

Latest Publications

  • Guy Tremblay and M. Aldinucci, "An Internal DSL for Building FastFlow Skeletons Using a C++ Fluent Interface," Rapport Technique Latece 2015-1, Dép. d'informatique, UQAM, Juin 2015.
  • Alexandre Terrasa, Jean Privat and Guy Tremblay, "Documentation Generators Support for Program Comprehension: Where are we?," Rapport Technique, Rapport Technique Latece 2015-2, Dép. d'informatique, UQAM, décembre 2015.
  • C. Misale, M. Drocco, M. Aldinucci and Guy Tremblay, "A survey of big data frameworks on a layered dataflow model," Rapport de recherche Latece 2016-1, Dép. d'informatique, UQAM, 2016.
  • Kimchi Strasser, Erin McDonnell, Carol Nyaga, Min Wu, Sherry Wu, Hayda Almeida, Marie-Jean Meurs, Leila Kosseim, Justin Powlowski, Greg Butler and Adrian Tsang, "mycoCLAP, the Database for Characterized Lignocellulose-Active Proteins of Fungal Origin," in Biocuration 2015, The Conference of the International Society for Biocuration, Beijing, China, 2015.
  • Hayda Almeida, Marie-Jean Meurs, Leila Kosseim, Greg Butler and Adrian Tsang, "Data Undersampling for Scientific Literature Triage," in HPCS 2015, The High Performance Computing Symposium, Montreal, QC, Canada, 2015.

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