Press release (french only) – UQAM is organizing the 6th MCETECH International Conference on E-Technologies

L’UQAM organise la 6e Conférence internationale MCETECH sur les technologies de l’Internet

Communiqué de presse Le 4 mai 2015 – Le Laboratoire de recherche sur les technologies du commerce électronique (LATECE) de l’UQAM organise, du 12 au 15 mai prochains, la 6Conférence internationale sur les technologies de l’Internet. Cette conférence, sous la présidence de Hafedh Mili, professeur au Département d’informatique de l’UQAM, a pour objectif de réunir chercheurs, praticiens et décideurs afin de discuter des possibilités offertes par les technologies de l’Internet, des défis que ces technologies soulèvent, mais aussi des pistes de solution à ces défis. Sur le thème de l’innovation des processus à l’ère du Big Data et de l’Internet des objets, le congrès offre un programme varié et un regard novateur sur des enjeux actuels. Parmi les activités et conférences de la 6édition, soulignons:
  • Le profilage sur Internet : enjeux économiques, sociologiques et éthiques;
  • La sécurité et la confidentialité des données;
  • Les technologies de l’Internet en santé : optimisation de processus en milieu hospitalier et la télésurveillance de patients;
  • Une activité de maillage (speed dating professionnel), le 12 mai, entre industrie et chercheurs, financée par le CRSNG, pour identifier les occasions de recherche conjointe.
Dates: 12 au 15 mai 2015 Lieu: Hôtel Hyatt Regency 1255, rue Jeanne-Mance à Montréal Métro Place-des-arts Pour voir la programmation complète Pour voir l’horaire des ateliers et tutoriels Pour s’inscrire Communiqué de presse complet

Subscribe! – MCETECH 2015 University–industry networking event in the field of electronic business

The industrial liaison committee of the MCETech conference on e-commerce technologies 2015, as well as the LAboratoire de recherche sur les TEchnologies du Commerce Électronique (LATECE) and the Service des partenariats et du soutien à l’innovation (SePSI) of the University of Québec in Montréal (UQÀM) are organising a “speed-dating” university-industry networking activity on innovation and research partnership opportunity.

The goal of this event is to address the challenges faced by businesses working in the electronic business and internet of things sector. We offer a platform for exploring the possibilities of anchoring academic expertise to the needs of the private sector.


1:00 pm Appointment with academics and industry actors.

1:30 pm Introduction to industrial partnerships (CRSNG, MITACS and Prompt)

1:45 pm Overview of industry actors (2min flash presentations)

2:15 pm Individual meetings between academics and industry actors (10 min. each)

4:30 pm Cocktail dinner and networking session.

The event will take place on Tuesday May 12, 2015 from 1 to 6 pm, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, 1255 Jeanne-Mance street, Montréal.

If you are interested in attending the event, please contact Geneviève Despars at Service des partenariats et du soutien à l’innovation (ext. 8505,

Industry actors interested in participating?

Please confirm your attendance before May 8, 2015.
Participation is free. If you wish to attend the conference, online registration is possible.
Tables will be available for the presentation of promotional documents.
Tell us your expectations by completing our online survey.

Academics interested in participating?

This activity is included in the conference’s program. Please show up at 1 pm to take an appointment on a first-come, first-served basis.

Go to our our website to obtain a list of the industry actors attending the event.

This event will take place thanks to the financial contribution of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and Bureau du CRSNG-Québec.

Invitation Activité de maillage MCETech - ENGLISH

The LATECE is gaining momentum

Since its creatin in 2002, the LATECE and its members have made significant efforts to achieve this vision of a cohesive group of academics exploring innovative issues at the frontier of their respectif specialty.

This hard work allowed the LATECE to be recognized as an emerging site in 2012. The laboratory has since considerably and tirelessly improved the volume and quality of its realizationsIt goes without saying that the ressources it was allocated, and the hard work of its members, played an essential role in this significant quantum leap.

Indeed, for the 2012-2015 period, lthe LATECE members have recruited and supervised no less than 241 interns, master’s and PhD students and post-doctoral fellows. Of this number, 115 graduated during this same period, including 49 master’s students, 14 doctoral students, and 5 post-doctoral interns. The number of students and interns at LATECE has more than doubled since 2012! Moreover, four post-doctoral interns have been recruited this year only, including two from abroad. The fact that they chose us is a testimony to the quality of our work and the ever increasing reputation of the center.

The LATECE, for the last three years, has experienced a tremendous growth in the number of seminars given (which contribute greatly to the lab’s dynamism) and opportunities for international collaborations or industrial partnership. Let’s reiterate the fact that the LATECE has also reactivated the MCETech congress (which it had launched in 2004) for a 6th edition which will take place from May 12 to 15 2015 in Montreal.

Let’s hope that the LATECE will maintain its present momentum!

Call for Papers MCETECH 2015

MAY 12-15, 2015, Montreal, Canada

TECHNICAL PAPER SUBMISSION: Abstracts due NOVEMBER 24th, Full papers due DECEMBER 8th, 2014
PROCEEDINGS PUBLISHED BY SPRINGER Lectures Notes on Business Information Processing (LNBIP) series.

DESCRIPTION: The successful implementation of Internet applications is a multi-faceted problem, involving technological, managerial, economic, cognitive, social, ethical, and legal issues. The 6th edition of MCETECH aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners interested in exploring these multiple facets with a focus on the technological, managerial, and organizational issues. Original and inter-disciplinary approaches to these problems are highly encouraged. The conference also includes an industrial track, providing a forum for practitioners to present problems and case studies in their business.

Accepted papers will appear in the conference proceedings, to be published by Springer’s LNBIP series. The program committee will award a “Best Paper Award” to the best paper in terms of, 1) originality, 2) presentation, and 3) impact. The finalists will be submitted to a special issue of a refereed journal.
TOPICS: Submissions are invited in the following non-exhaustive list of topics: 1) architectures and infrastructure, 2) methodologies and models (computational models, BPM, service composition), 3) applications (e-business, e-health, e-government, e-justice, e-tc.), 4) business implications (organizational transformation, new business models), 5) social and legal implications, and 6) news trends and paradigms (e.g. social computing, ubiquitous computing, the IoT, etc.); more details on

FORMAT: The conference program includes research paper sessions, workshops, tutorials, an industrial track, and panels. This year’s edition will feature two special events:
1) a special track on the social, ethical, and legal issues surrounding the emergence and exploitation of “e-personas”, which some sociologists see as a worrisome combination of user profiling and big data.
2) an open University – Industry networking day, giving academic researchers the opportunity to meet R&D staff and decision makers from industry to discuss opportunities for collaborative research.

VENUE: Montréal is a vibrant multi-cultural metropolis boasting a unique blend of European and North American influences, and a lively mix of French and Anglo-Saxon cultures, with plenty of opportunities to wine, dine, and shop (