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LATECE members are important actors in the organization and schedules of various international conferences, including MCETECH (founded by the LATECE in 2004), WWW3, ICFCA and NOTERE.

1) MCETECH (Montreal Conference on eTechnologies): The LATECE has founded MCETECH (www.mcetech.org) in 2004, an international conference on internet technologies. Détails
In 2004, the LATECE founded the Montreal Conference on e-Technologies (MCETECH, www.mcetech.org) and organised the first three editions (2005, 2006 et 2008). The 4th edition was in Ottawa (2009) and the 5th one in Switzerland (2011). We reactivated the congress for a 6th edition which took place from May 12 to 15 2015, in Montreal.

2) WWW3: International World Wide Web Conference 2016 in Montréal (http://www.iw3c2.org/conferences/) whose local organizer is the UQAM, with Roger Nkambou, from the IT departmentd, as co-president, and Petko Valtchev, regular member, as co-president of the organisation committee. This congress, the main one on the Internet, brings together between 1200 and 1500 lecturers, pioneers, scientists, decision makers, and practitioners.

3) ICFCA (International Conference on Formal Concepts Analysis): Formal concept analysis (FCA) is a mathematical technique of conceptual regrouping which has applications in many fields.  The FCA community organizes the International Conference on Formal Concepts Analysis (ICFCA).Détails
Godin, Missaoui, and Valtchev are recognized as leaders in this field, and are regularly solicited as invited lecturers (2004, 2006, 2007, 2009), or as organizers. The 2008 edition was organized at the UQAM by the LATECE (http://www.latece.uqam.ca/old/icfca08/), with Mr. Godin as president. Mrs. Missaoui has presided ICFCA’ 2010 and Mr. Valtchev has presided the programme committee of ICFCA’2011.

4) NOTERE (NOuvelles TEchnologies de la Repartition – New Technologies of Allocation): NOTERE is a mainly francophone international conference on  new technologies of distributed systems, dealing with conception, implementation, deployment and evaluation of distributed architectures, applications and platforms. Détails
The 2009 edition was presided by Mr. Obaid, and organised at UQAM by the LATECE (http://www.notere2009.uqam.ca/). Mr. Obaid is and active member of NOTERE, as a member of the programme committee (since its creation), and as a member of the steering committee, for the past years.

Networking event: On November 13 2013, a university-industry networking activity under the theme Electronic Business Software successfully took place at UQAM’s science faculty. The event was organized by the LATECE with the help of the Service des Partenariats et du Soutien à l’Innovation (Partnership and Support to Innovation Service), the Sciences Faculty and the financial support of the NSERC. About 60 representatives from innovating businesses and LATECE academics attended this event. Détails
The evening was presided by Mrs. Caroline Roger, SEPSI’s director, and inaugurated bu Mr. Mario Morin, Sciences Faculty’s dean. Prof. Hafedh Mili, LATECE’s director, presented LATECE researchers’ expertise and how it could be made profitable by the industry . Mr. Robert Déziel, NSERC’s manager, described the various subsidies programs for partnerships with the industry offered by the NSERC. Mr. Olivier Munger, project development consultant at Prompt-Québec, briefly described the university-industry financing opportunities supported by Prompt. Finally, Mr. Jean-Philippe Valois, the business development manager at MITACS, presented the different programs of research internshipts offered by MITACS. These presentations were followed by short presentations from industry actors. The evening ended with a cocktail dinner during which the participants were invited to network.


As part of MCETECH 2015,  Latece organized a workshop about Methodologies for Robustness Injection into Business Processes Proceedings 2015 edition :