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Hamid Mcheick, Prof.
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Subjects of interests

  • Pervasive and Ubiquitous computing, Context-aware Applications, Composition & adaptation of applications;
  • Cloud, Grid and Clustering Computing.
  • Mobile and Web Applications, technologies of Internet & electronic commerce
  • Software architecture and Architectures of distributed applications (JEE, .Net, Corba, REST).
  • Development and distribution of software by objet, aspect, component and service.
  • Evolution, reutilisation, maintenance of software, & Security.

Latest Publications

  • Amel Hannech, Mehdi Adda and Hamid Mcheick, "Improving research with the integration of a collaborative dimension in an IR system," in 19th International Conference on Computer, Communication and Information Sciences, and Engineering, Montreal, Canada, May 11-12, 2017.
  • Zayan Elkhaled, Hamid Mcheick and Hicham Ajami, "Extended WIFI Network Design Model for Ubiquitous Emergency Events," in Proceeding of 48th Summer Computer Simulation Conference 2016 Modeling and Simulation (SCSC 2016, SummerSim’2016), Montreal, Quebec, Canada, July 24-27, 2016, pp. pp.362-369.
  • Hamid Mcheick, Hicham Ajami and Zayan Elkhaled, "Survey of Health Care Context Models and Prototyping of Healthcare Context Framework," in Proceeding of 48th Summer Computer Simulation Conference 2016 Modeling and Simulation (SCSC 2016, SummerSim’2016), Montreal, Quebec, Canada, July 24-27, 2016.
  • Hicham Ajami and Hamid Mcheick, "Emergency network Prototype," Eds. A Boukerche & R. De Grande ed., Proceeding of the 5Th Annual DIVA Workshop, NSERC-DIVA Network, DIVA research strategy network, pp. pp. 52-56, Ottawa, Canada, February 16-18, 2016.
  • Amel Hannech, Mehdi Adda and Hamid Mcheick, "Hybrid Recommendation Model based on a contextual similarity between users," in The 15th IEEE International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications (IEEE ICMLA'16), Anaheim, California, USA, December 18-20, 2016..
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    Current Students:

    StudentProgram / Subject
    Hasley TavMaster (Since 2014)
    Naoui AnouarPh.D (Since 2012)
    Oussama BeroualPh.D (Since 2013)
    Subject: Modelisation des applications sensibles au contexte
    Amel HannechPh.D (Since 2013)
    Subject: Découverte et indexation de services par mots et par facettes
    Lokman SalehMaster (Since 2015)
    Subject: Développement des applications contextuelles
    Johney GuerinInternship (Since 2015)
    Nicol FredericInternship (Since 2015)
    Ghassan FadlallahPh.D (Since 2015)
    Corentin LeplongeonMaster (Since 2014)
    Marc Abi KhalilMaster (Since 2014)
    Jabril AbdelazizPh.D (Since 2012)
    Hicham AjamiPh.D (Since 2015)
    Subject: Applications mobiles et contextuelles
    Zayan ElkhaledPh.D

    Previous Students:

    StudentProgramStarting dateEnding date
    Aymen Sioud Master 2005 2006
    Achref Charmiti Master 2014 2014
    Ahmad Karawash Ph.D 2012 2015
    Rabeb Saad Master 2012 2015
    Shalom Dodge Master 2010 2012
    Yan Qi Master 2010 2011
    Heni Dhiab Master 2007 2010
    Éric Dallaire Master 2007 2010
    Abelali Goundafi Master 2008 2010
    Atif Farid Mohammad Ph.D 2012 2014
    Mame Penda Ba Internship 2014 2014
    Jonathan Vallee Internship 2013 2013
    Frederic Boivain Internship 2013 2013
    Asma Jelassi Internship 2014 2014
    Alex Arsenault-Desjardis Internship 2014 2014
    Alexandre Poirier Internship 2013 2013
    Mohamed Messaoudi Master 2015 2016
    Dylan Darcy Master 2014 2015
    Karam Mostapha Karam Mostapha Post doctoral 2013 2014