Rabeb Mizouni
Rabeb Mizouni, Ph.D.
Former student -

Latest Publications

  • Rabeb Mizouni, Mohammad Abu-Matar, Zaid Al Mahmoud, Salwa Mohamed Alzahmi and Aziz Salah, "A framework for context-aware self-adaptive mobile applications SPL," vol. 41, pp. 7549--7564, 2014.
  • Rabeb Mizouni and Aziz Salah, "Towards a framework for estimating system NFRs on behavioral models," vol. 23, pp. 721--731, 2010.
  • Rabeb Mizouni and Aziz Salah, "Behavioral Model Composition: a Non Functional Requirements Driven Approach," in New Trends in Software Methodologies, Tools and Techniques - Proceedings of the Eighth SoMeT 2009, September 23-25, 2009, Prague, 2009, pp. 336--349.
  • Rabeb Mizouni, Aziz Salah, Siamak Kolahi and Rachida Dssouli, "Merging partial system behaviours: composition of use-case automata," vol. 1, pp. 143--160, 2007.
  • Rabeb Mizouni, Aziz Salah and R. Dssouli, "Using Formal Composition of Use Cases in Requirements Engineering," in SEKE 2007, 2007.
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