Martin Cloutier
Martin Cloutier, Prof.
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UQÀM - Management et Technologie

Subjects of interests

  • Modélisation dynamique et simulation
  • Systèmes d’aide à la décision
  • Systèmes de mesure de la performance

Latest Publications

  • C. Bérard, Martin Cloutier and L. Cassivi, "Evaluating clinical trial management systems: A simulation approach," Industrial Management & Data Systems, vol. 112(1), pp. 146-164, 2012.
  • F. Declerck and Martin Cloutier, "The financial value of corporations in a cobweb economy: Champagne industry dynamics," International Journal of Wine Business Research, vol. 22(3), pp. 269-287, 2011.
  • D. Castle, K. Kumagai, C. Berard, Martin Cloutier and R. Gold, "A model of regulatory burden in technology diffusion: The case of plant-derived vaccines," AgBioForum, vol. 12(1), pp. 108-118, 2009.
  • S. Bröring and Martin Cloutier, "Value-creation in new product development within converging value chains: An analysis in the functional foods and nutraceutical," British Food Journal, vol. 110, pp. 76-97, 2008.
  • Martin Cloutier and S. Sirois, "Bayesian versus Frequentist statistical," Drug Discovery Today, vol. 13(11-12), pp. 536-542, 2008.
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