Romdhane Ben Younes
Romdhane Ben Younes
Former student - Ph.D

Subjects of interests

  • Application de la vérification de modèles à la sécurité

Latest Publications

  • Romdhane Ben Younes and Guy Tremblay, "A possibilistic approach to intrusion detection under imperfect logging protocol," in The 6th International Conference on Security of Information and Networks, SIN '13, Aksaray, Turkey, November 26-28, 2013, 2013, pp. 266--271.
  • Romdhane Ben Younes, Guy Tremblay and Guy Bégin, "Extending Orchids for intrusion detection in 802.11 wireless networks," in Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on New Technologies in Distributed Systems (NOTERE 2008), Lyon, France, 2008, pp. 40-51.