Mathew Goonewardena
Student - Ph.D


Latest Publications

  • Animesh Yadav, Mathew Goonewardena, Wessam Ajib, Octavia A. Dobre and Halima Elbiaze, "Energy Management for Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensors with Adaptive Retransmission," vol. abs/1710.09034, 2017.
  • Zoubeir Mlika, Mathew Goonewardena, Wessam Ajib and Halima Elbiaze, "User-Base-Station Association in HetSNets: Complexity and Efficient Algorithms," vol. 66, pp. 1484--1495, 2017.
  • Mathew Goonewardena, Samir Medina Perlaza, Animesh Yadav and Wessam Ajib, "Generalized Satisfaction Equilibrium for Service-Level Provisioning in Wireless Networks," vol. 65, pp. 2427--2437, 2017.
  • Mathew Goonewardena, Animesh Yadav, Wessam Ajib and Halima Elbiaze, "Opportunistic distributed channel access for a dense wireless small-cell zone," vol. 16, pp. 1680--1693, 2016.
  • Mathew Goonewardena and Wessam Ajib, "Existence of Equilibria in Joint Admission and Power Control for Inelastic Traffic," vol. 5, pp. 188--191, 2016.
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