Data mining – algorithms, tools, applications, and issues

Our habits, needs and desires influence our daily actions, and therefore the tracks that we leave on the various applications we use. Data mining aims to determine those characteristics by looking at those patterns. We are working on a) the elaboration of behavioral models allowing is to link specific characteristics to these patterns, b) the development of representations apprehending the richness of these patterns c) the development of efficient algorithms allowing is to analyse great volumes of complex patterns, and d) exploiting these analyses for a variety of purposes. We are also interested by the sociological and ethical dimensions of profiling, and the different means (technical or else) to hide those patterns.

Members working on this theme: Maude Bonenfant, Mohamed Bouguessa, Robert Gidon, Daniel Lemire, Daniel Memmi, Rokia Missaoui, André Mondoux, and Petko Valtchev.