Asset management and software quality

A software is the product of a complex process whose steps are poorly understood and formalized. It is therefore difficult to guarantee the quality of a software by construction, on the sole basis of the development process. However, we are more able to a) compare various "technical solutions" from a quality point-of-view and recommend the best one, b) detect quality problems in an existing software, and c) suggest solutions to these quality problems. Moreover, once we have a quality software component, we try to maximize profitability by cataloging it and documenting its use. We are working on both problematics.

Members working on this theme: Ghizlane El-Boussaidi, Yann-Gaël Guéhéneuc, Hakim Lounis, Naouel Moha, Hafedh Mili, Jean Privat, and Guy Tremblay.