Mehdi Adda
Mehdi Adda, Ph.D.
Ancien(ne) étudiant(e) -

Dernières publications

  • Amel Hannech, Mehdi Adda et Hamid Mcheick, "Improving research with the integration of a collaborative dimension in an IR system," in 19th International Conference on Computer, Communication and Information Sciences, and Engineering, Montreal, Canada, May 11-12, 2017.
  • Amel Hannech, Mehdi Adda et Hamid Mcheick, "Hybrid Recommendation Model based on a contextual similarity between users," in The 15th IEEE International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications (IEEE ICMLA'16), Anaheim, California, USA, December 18-20, 2016..
  • Jabril Abdelaziz, Mehdi Adda et Hamid Mcheick, "Modeling Services Aggregation for Edge Computing," in Submitted to The 13th International Conference on Mobile Systems and Pervasive Computing (MobiSPC), Montreal, Quebec, Canada, August 15-18, 2016.
  • Amel Hannech, Mehdi Adda et Hamid Mcheick, "Multispace Projection based Search Engine: Model and Protoytpe," in Proceedings of DEXA’15 Workshops published by the Conference Publishing Services (CPS) of IEEE Computer Society, 2015., 2015.
  • Mehdi Adda, Jabril Abdelaziz, Hamid Mcheick et Rabeb Saad, "Toward an Access Control Model for IOTCollab," in Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Ambient Systems, Networks and Technologies (ANT 2015), the 5th International , 2015, pp. 428--435.
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